Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amazon: Get Ready for Ug

Ug Goes Out:
This story is written in the perspective of a caveman's journal entries, so it could be a great teaching tool to go over voice, style, and first-person perspective. The story line could also be a great tool to teach kids about identity and self worth, of which Ug begins with very little. There are illustrated cameos of me as a little boy, a guy I with whom I went to middle school, and a man who may or may not have been a part of my student teaching experience in college.

The second edition of the book came in the mail, and all the changes look excellent. The cover is now very highly detailed and not all pixely, and I fixed a grammatical error. We're all set!

I paid the fee to have give the book an ISBN and load it onto, where it will hopefully reach a much wider audience. Stay tuned on that front!

Also, about my summer work interview: although I was ready to have a sales position, it turns out the position being offered was not in a store. I was to be a door-to-door kitchen knife salesman. No foul meaning if that's your job, but it's not for me. I was unpleasantly surprised, and I walked out. So will the revenue from the book be of any significance? Time will tell!


  1. eric, I'm so excited to see this book of yours. and SO SO excited about student teaching character. i'm sure he will be the best-dressed and most grammatically correct caveman of all. :)

  2. Hahaha! It took me two tries to figure out who you're talking about. It seems like everyday I see someone who reminds me of the teacher who will be unnamed. The evil neighbor in "The Burbs" starring Tom Hanks, for example. Tim Gunn, of course, is a dead ringer for said teacher. But alas, the cameo in the book is a different student teacher personality; I'm sure when you see him you'll know instantly. However, the Tim Gunn look-a-like teacher could find a home in the next book!