Thursday, June 10, 2010

10% discount through June 30 on!

Ok, so you already get free shipping on the book over the summer. Now factor in a 10% discount until June 30! Enter in the code: SUMMERREAD305

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  1. Ouch: just realized that the free summer shipping is for all orders $19.99 and over. This is fine for Ug Goes Out, which is conveniently priced at 19.99. However, working in the 10% discount makes the price 17.99; this means that EITHER you pay $3.99 shipping (new price: $21.98) OR you pick another item to throw in your basket to earn your free shipping on all orders $19.99. The most economically responsible option may be to let well enough alone and get the book for $19.99 + free shipping. Just a thought.