Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ug 2.0

So, having seen the first book print (which my students LOVED), I've made some small changes. I forgot to make the cover image 300 dpi, whereas it was a paltry 72 dpi. Tsk tsk! You could see all the little grains and pixels, but now it looks much more high-def. My mother-in-law found a typo (thank goodness for finding it now and not later), and we adjusted a bit of Ug's speech on one or two pages. We couldn't decide if Ug was capable of saying a compound sentence (two independent clauses combined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction). We decided he could do that once. On the other hand, we decided Ug knows better than to use a comma splice.

In other news, I ordered bookmarks with the image of the book cover, and I will pass them out to my students as soon as the book is available online. The bookmarks came in, and they look excellent!

Last, my wife and I brainstormed the future characters of this would-be book series and the personal trials they will all have to overcome. I don't want to give anything away yet... at least not here on the internet where someone could potentially snatch the idea before I get them on paper. Wouldn't want that, now would we?

Estimated book release date: Friday, June 11. This will allow time to order one more print to OK the changes and let the websites (Lulu, Amazon, and eBay) add the book to their catalog (best $25 I will probably ever spend).

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